Thesis Defense Presentation Tips: How To Make A Good Introduction

Are you in the process of doing the thesis presentation, and would like to know how to create an introduction that will make a good first impression. In the opening statement it is important to show to the examiners a number of things in order the get the top grade. By finding out what these are you have something to aim for in your work. With that thought in mind, here are the top things to know when creating the introduction for your thesis defense presentation:

Include Your Main Points

It is important to go over the main points of your project in the opening statement to show very quickly what your project is really about. The little details will get looked at further into the presentation during the questions and answer stage.

Therefore, don’t bore the audience by going into a lot of detail. Try to keep things concise and to the point. You can practice by doing the presentation in front of family or friends, and ask for feedback. If they feel that certain parts of the presentation drag on for too long, then simply remove them.

Use Careful Wording

It’s important to hook the examiners into your presentation from the very beginning. Therefore, don’t use words that are only technical– add a bit of excitement to your presentation. A presentation that is highly technical will get great marks, but if it’s boring then it will naturally make it harder for you to get those top marks.

Background Information

Not all the examiners will understand your project from a technical standpoint in great detail – this is especially true if you have selected a topic that is obscure. Therefore, it is your job to give some background information on your project, and you can do that in the introduction. Also the flow of information must be logical. If they can’t follow what you are saying, then you will struggle.

Speak Clearly And Confidently

This might seem like a basic piece of advice, but it is important if you are to get the top marks. In the majority of cases you’ll find that if the examiners can’t hear you properly then they will get frustrated, and that will make it difficult to achieve the top marks. Remember the presentation is key to getting a good grade.

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