How Do I Find A Literature Dissertation Introduction Example?

A dissertation or also called as a thesis is a piece of work which is submitted by a student for the completion of his academic degree or in support of professional qualifications. This document develops a clear argument in response to the central proposition or thesis.

A thesis is the most important project one has to undertake while in university. This document is divided into various chapters, each of which containing detailed examinations of the subject matter and evidences.

The structure to be followed while writing such a document is:


The first part, the introduction should include the research question, any hypothesis if present and the field of study. It is basically a summary of the main arguments and contents which are going to be described in details ahead in the paper.

To write a very attractive introduction you should include the following,

  • What

  • Why

  • How

Literature review

This part should be written in sections after the introduction. It should include the work done before on the given field of study and all the necessary content relevant to the hypothesis of the paper. This section should include large number of references to the given field of study.

The purpose of any literature review is just not to express that you have a good knowledge on the subject matter but to also highlight those areas which are not known.


Here you need to mention the relevant methods of investigation and supporting reasons stating why the chosen measures are the most appropriate for the given circumstances.


Here the results and findings are stated. All the strengths and weaknesses of the data are presented in this section.


In this section you can present your assessment about your research question and confirm or reject your hypothesis.


No new literature should be introduced here. It should only relate to the findings stated earlier.

Conclusions and recommendations

A future perspective should be drawn here with suggestions on the topic for betterment.

In order to write a thesis it always better to go through examples and samples of others. To find examples of introduction and literature of a dissertation you can always search the internet. Apart from that many samples can be found in the library also of other writers, from where you can gain experience. Before starting your own work, it is always recommended to go through other successful samples.

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Compose strong paper without any difficulties using the following directions. We are looking forward to see your incredible academic achievements.