How To Use A Thesis Title Maker To Find A Suitable Topic

A thesis title maker simplifies the process of generating a topic for your paper. It is available on different websites and can be used to generate titles for different disciplines. The title maker is easy to use and does not require any special skills. It is one of the tools that will make generation of a title easy and ensure that it perfectly captures your intentions. How do you use the title maker to generate a suitable topic?

State your Main Idea

An idea captures the broader area you would like to write on. You are required to use a few words that capture the wholesome picture of your writing intentions. Some of the broad ideas or examples to consider would be:

  • The history of America

  • International business relations

  • Psychology

  • Mathematics

The topic you choose is usually a subset of a main idea within a larger discipline of study. This is your starting point when using a title generator or maker for your thesis topic.

State Your Main Point or Opinion about the Idea

The main point or opinion highlights the path you wish to take with the idea you have chosen to form part of your topic. The opinion must perfectly match the topic and indicate the direction you will to steer your paper towards. Such a point should be specific in order to provide boundaries to your research or writing. It could be your stand on the issue. In the examples given above, some of the points for the first example would be:

  • The history of slavery

  • History of civil rights movement

  • History of democratization of America

  • Achieving victory in wars

The opinion or main point is an expansion of the idea you had chosen at the start of your essay.

Support Your Opinion

The topic should give an indication why a certain opinion is to be considered right or wrong. This is why you should support the opinion you have given in the second stage. It gives a hint of the specific issues or the approach you would like to give your thesis.


Having included all the information required in the slots provided, it is time to submit your query. The details provided will give the system an idea of how you wish to approach your paper. The system uses this information to generate a suitable topic for you. You are allowed to modify the topic to fit your taste since the system only provides a hint.

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