Picking Up Strong Dissertation Topics Related To Computers

Nowadays, computers are very important for our lives. We study online, we communicate with our friends and many of us work on the Internet. With this being said, it should not be a difficult task to write your dissertation on this theme. In the end, you already know everything there is about this. Here are some interesting topics that you should consider:

  • Did we stop talking to others? We see many teenagers spending all their time on the Internet, and they don’t have many friends. Can this be a problem in the future? We will forget how to make friends in reality?

  • Computers in schools. Many teachers disagree with this and they think that computers will be a distraction for the students. On the other hand, this can be a great way to give access to students to new information and it can facilitate the learning process.

  • Security on the Internet. Cyber bullying is common, and many teenagers suffer because of this. What can parents do to make sure that their child is not bullied on the internet?

  • Personal details. We all write down our name when we register on a new website, but is this safe? How well are we protected against offenders on the Internet? Should we avoid to give our name and other details?

  • Internet banking. It’s easy to pay your bill nowadays; just open your computer and use your credit card. On the other hand, can this make us victims for internet fraudsters? How easy it actually is for someone to find out our credit card number?

  • Computers in the future. Some people think that in the next years computers will rule our life. What do you think about this? Can computers become more smart than humans?

  • Spyware. There are programs that allow you to enter in someone else’s computer and see everything he does, even open his cam without him knowing. How dangerous is this for us? Can we give access to someone to our computer without knowing?

  • The history of computers. Years ago, a computer was as big as an elephant and several people had to work in the same moment to turn it on. Nowadays, we have slim laptops and smartphones. You can write your dissertation about the evolution of computers and the first one who invented one.

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