Helpful Advice On How To Prepare For Your Dissertation Proposal Defense

Not all students will be required to write a dissertation proposal defense; however, those that do will often be relatively nervous about things. Ultimately, you will be required to stand in front of a committee of people who will judge your work, as well as potentially any fellow students, as well as any other people that might be attending.

You will be required to prepare and deliver a presentation related to the essay that you will be writing. As a result, you will need to have a reasonable understanding of the relevant software that you will use in order to create your presentation.

Using consistency throughout the slides

Your presentation will consist of a range of different slides, each of which will provide information in some way. In order to ensure that your work looks as good as possible, it is important that you try and keep things as consistent as you can. Therefore, you should ensure that headings are of the same size and, ideally, located in the same position on each slide. You should also ensure that the text is generally of a uniform size, and that you do not mix fonts unnecessarily.

Maintaining the concentration of your audience

When preparing your presentation, it is important that you think about the audience, and how to maintain their concentration. For example, you should not produce slides with lots of words on them, as it will be easy for individuals to either get bored whilst reading the slides, or potentially people will be focused more on what you have written, rather than what you’re saying. In fact, you should be prepared to include blank slides, or even turn off the projector when need to deliver any prolonged speech, as this will help to avoid individuals from focusing on what is on the screen, rather than what you’re saying.

Practicing beforehand

It can be beneficial to go to presentations that are delivered by your fellow classmates. Equally, you should be sure that you know exactly how long your presentation will need to be. Ultimately, this will help to give you an idea of how much you should write, and what pace you should deliver the presentation at.

Before you actually do your presentation, it is important that you have also practiced thoroughly beforehand. This will help to ensure that you are calm and composed, and deliver a strong presentation.

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