A List Of Excellent Dissertation Topics On The Vichy Regime

This short article suggests a list of excellent dissertation topics on the Vichy regime that you can use as a high school term paper, undergraduate essay assignment or Master’s thesis. While this alphabetical list serves only as guide to get you interested in the subject of early twentieth-century French history and politics, you will find that once you have conducted your own extensive research and close readings of each suggested topic you will be able to break down your project into additional sub-themes. You may then find a field of study that is of pertinent interest to you.


The problem of Anti-Semitism stretched over centuries and began long before the foundations of the Vichy regime were built. Before you focus your research on this epochal area of French history, prepare a detailed overview on the challenges that French Jews faced and the antagonism that they experienced from all sectors of French society.

Allies and collaborators

For this regime to succeed it had to emerge as a viable and powerful political establishment. It was able to become a force mainly through close co-operation with key sectors of the French Republic and foreign partnerships.


The economy was fairly stable during the first fifty years of the twentieth century in spite of two World Wars, the Great Depression and the socialist revolutions that swept across Europe. You can examine how the French regime responded to these crises and why the country’s economy never collapsed in entirety.


Align this theme along with the above topic. There were also many challenges, and poor decisions were made on behalf of the French Republic. You can give a critical overview and comparative analysis (with the rest of Europe) on how industrialization evolved during the first half of the last century.

World War Two

You need to do a close study of why and how the French regime ultimately failed their people during this war.


You could propose an introspective study of what is meant by this unique French term, its significance and how it came about within France’s history, beginning with the French Revolution and the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte and his conquests and ultimate defeat.

Now that you have gone through this summarized list of proposed themes on the Vichy in France and prepared a new reading list you should have more than enough material to begin work on your own dissertation proposal. Provided that your work is thorough, this should be a rewarding experience for you, and an excellent result will be within reach for you.

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