A List Of PhD Thesis Topics In Education In India

One of the topics that people like writing about is Education. This is a wide area where you can narrow down to the most interesting title. If you are a PHD student, there are multiple topics you can create from the subject “Education in India.” As a student, there is need to strive for the best before your thesis is completed accepted by the multiple audience who will be waiting to read through. In this article therefore, you have been given a list of winning PHD topics. You can choose one and use it to develop your paper.

Carrying out research

India is among the most prolific Asian countries in the world that have a developed system in the entire world. Most Indians now have formal education unlike in the past when things were a bit different. When you want to focus on this subject, you have to read various books, ancient manuscripts and even search for more on the internet so that you have both updated current data and the old system of education. Pass through each of these materials keen so that you have firsthand information to present. Prepare yourself such that when any question is posed to you, you will be ready to answer it correctly.

Outlined below are the best PHD thesis topics bout education in India.

  1. The beginning of the formal educational system in India

  2. Is the Indian pre-school system of education efficacious or preparing students to face the challenges of primary educational level?

  3. Should all school in India have the pre-school category or is it unnecessary?

  4. Should all Indian schools be free of charge to equalize chances or both the rich and the poor?

  5. Art should not be taught at the lower educational level but be preserved for the undergraduate students

  6. Does the Indian system of education only benefit the children from the rich families?

  7. The improvements that have been made in Indian education since 18th century

  8. Should the Indian Minister of Education lower the grading to enable more students to pass their exams?

  9. Is the current education system in India only appropriate for the industrial age instead of the passing the information?

  10. Is it appropriate to completely get rid of standardized exams in college?

  11. Should all Indian students be given an exam before they are allowed to join college?

  12. Should only the Indian religious education be allowed in their education system or should other religious studies also be allowed?

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