How To Format A Title Page For A Psychology Dissertation

If you are pursuing a professional degree such as one in the field of psychology, then it is likely you have spent at least a little time thinking about the subject of the dissertation that is needed to obtain your degree. You may have even started working on it. There are several important parts to a dissertation, including the title page. This article will overview the individual parts to a psychological dissertation page and how to format each.

The main parts you should include on the title page:

  • Title

  • Name

  • University Information

  • Degree Information

  • Defense and Conferral Dates

The Title

The title listed on this page must match the title on the page one and abstract of the dissertation that was purchased online. This will go across the top of the title page. After the title, hit the return button twice.


The next part to the title page is your name. For this section, begin by writing “By.” Hit the return button once before writing your name in the format first name, middle initial, and last name.

University Information

In this section, you will state the college that you are obtaining the degree from. Write “A DISSERTATION “in all capital letters, hit return, and write “Submitted to.” After this you will hit return button again and write the name of the college you are attending.

Degree Information

After you have added information about your title, name, and university to the psychological dissertation page, you will need to provide information about your degree. Begin by writing “In partial fulfillment of,” hit the return key, and write “the requirements for the.” You will hit the return key again, type “degree of,” and then hit the return key again before adding your official degree title.

Defense and Conferral Dates

These dates will vary depending on the time of year. The defense date of your degree is the day that it is due to be submitted. You will type this out in month, day, year format. Hit the enter key once again and then write the date it will be conferred. This should be the May, August, or December that follows the submission of your degree. You should write out the full month and follow it with the appropriate year.

Now that you have a properly formatted title page for your psychology dissertation, you are ready to submit it for review.

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