Where To Find A Free Sample MBA Dissertation: 4 Places To Check

For an MBA student the dissertation is the greatest challenge of your course. By finishing the work you have in one place a document that will highlight your skills and abilities in business management. Potential employers will judge your suitability for their company on the basis of what you produce here.

So while the temptation is to just wait a little longer before starting, the best course of action is to begin the work as soon as possible. By starting early on the research you can manage your time such that at no point does the work become overwhelming. If you start too late, then the project can seem like an unclimbable mountain and you may be tempted to give up or you may rush the work and skim over important sections.

Always remember that not only in giving up do you fail to achieve that job you are worth, a substandard dissertation will bar you from a good career too.

Pitfalls to avoid

  • Most importantly remember your grammar and spelling. Revise then edit, and then get someone else to read over it. Good presentation goes a long way towards impressing on your reader that you know what you are talking about.

  • Make sure you’ve understood the assignment – make a check list so that when you reach the end of your work you can be sure you have covered everything.

  • Ensure you have sufficient data with the right depth and reliability to achieve your conclusion. You are not going to impress anyone with a grand statement that is not properly backed up by the body of knowledge.

  • Stick to the word limit. If you go over you are rambling and your grade will suffer, if you are under the limit then you have made a serious mistake in your topic choice.

  • And of course, remember to have enough time for the research and the write-up

Where to look for a good example

  1. One of the best options of an MBA dissertation is look at your supervisor’s work. He or she got this far using that as their first step.

  2. Does your college library keep the papers from previous students?

  3. Your department website might showcase the best of the previous year’s papers in order to attract new students to the course.

  4. If you look online make sure the examples you locate are of the correct quality by including “Academic” or “Scholastic” in your search question.

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