How To Choose The Correct Format For A Doctoral Thesis

When you are working on your doctoral thesis, it is vital that you choose the correct format. Each academic discipline has its own format and they all have subtle differences. Most of the differences include small details in the way that sources are cited in the text, the way sources are listed in the bibliography, and the way the paper looks. Here are some tips to choosing the format for your thesis:

  • Speak with your adviser: The best tip to using the correct format is to speak directly with your adviser. He or she will tell you what style you should use and it could be anything from APA, MLA, Chicago Style, or something highly specific to your academic discipline. You should not stray from that style.
  • Get a sample: Once you know what style you need to use, the best thing to do is get a great sample. You can find them in university databases. You can also ask for a sample from your adviser, who should have a few good ones on hand. You can also find good samples at writing websites, but you might have to pay for those.

  • Use a style guidebook: After you have found a great sample, you need a guide book to understand what is going on in the sample. College bookstores have paper copies of guidebooks for the styles that their instructors require for thesis projects. You can also find electronic versions of guidebooks online. Some of the collegiate online writing sites also have guidebook excerpts that are free for students to use. You should also be able to see samples that illustrate the information in the excerpts, so you can clearly see what your doctoral thesis should look like.

  • Understand the reasoning: Academic writing styles are created to keep continuity among the academic community. Committees that work for those academic and professional organizations decide what should be done with formatting. They meet on a regular basis to make changes as research processes evolve. Many of the choices the committee members make actually make sense when you see the styles on a page. Committee members have to choose when to use bold print, italics, numbers, or letters. Once you start writing the paper, you will be able to recognize the reasoning behind their choices and the format will become second nature to you.

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