A List Of Thought-Provoking Dissertation Topics On Young Offenders

There are some essay topics that afford you the opportunity to perform some insightful research. Topics concerning juvenile offenders have long been the subject of interest for many. Here are some of thought stimulating topics for the young offenders.

  1. Juvenile crimes and media
  2. This is one of the most thought-provoking tops for dissertation on juvenile offenders. Video games, animated TV series, lyrics, and movies that encourage violence could be the apt subjects for study and research. Your writing could be for or against the effect of media on the crimes.

  3. Juvenile offenders become adult offenders
  4. It can be postulated that the children that commit offence at a young age are likely to become commit crimes after coming of age. You could gather facts on this topic and study the records of adult offenders who were also the juvenile offenders.

  5. Juvenile corrections
  6. You could write a thesis on the subject whether the juvenile correction facilities are truly rehabilitating the youth offenders or not. You could also write whether the youth at a certain age should be tried as an adult for certain serious crimes such as rape or murder.

  7. Impact of family environment on youth offenders
  8. It is a great matter of study whether the adverse family environment eventuates into juvenile delinquency. You could also research the effect of family settings on the juvenile offence. Study of family history of offences (adult or juvenile) could also be a topic for the writing.

  9. Correlation between drug crime and juvenile offences
  10. The impact of the drug habits on the youth offences could be a topic for the research and writing. Youth that is addicted to drug is more likely to commit a crime in order to obtain money.

  11. Juveniles with learning difficulties
  12. Some juvenile offenders show better signs of rehabilitation than the others. How are the slow learning juveniles treated could be a topic for the essay.

  13. Role of the youth offending teams
  14. Understanding how the youth offending teams are working with the juvenile offenders or the juveniles identified as being at risk of committing the crime.

  15. The role of the NGOs
  16. How the various juvenile NGOs and the team of social workers are impacting the juvenile offences. Whether they are making any difference or not could be the topic for the essay.

  17. Should the juvenile offenders be treated or punished
  18. What is more effective – treatment or punishment? You can discuss the merits and demerits of both with proper references.

  19. Changes required in juvenile correction programs
  20. Besides outlining the effectiveness of correction or detention facilities, how they can be made better could be the topic for the writing.

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