How To Use A Medical Dissertation Database Effectively

Writing a dissertation on medicine is a serious and difficult task. To find a good topic and know how to structure your paper, it’s advisable to look at sample papers. Where can you find decent examples? There are many databases that store medical theses. In this article, you can read some tips that will help you effectively find proper samples for your own work.

  1. Use proper keywords.
  2. To find papers that are similar to the topic of your future work, you should type the right keywords in the search engine of a database. Otherwise, you’ll find only theses related to other topics that won’t be so useful for you.

  3. Pay attention to the date.
  4. If you want to get a good example for your medical dissertation, you should look for papers that were created recently. Medicine is a fast developing field, so old works aren’t likely to be very helpful, even if they’re well-written.

  5. Consult librarians.
  6. If you’re using your university database, it’s advisable to approach a librarian before you start searching for samples. Librarians can give you good advice on how to better use the database because they work with it every day.

  7. Use multiple databases.
  8. To increase the chance of finding relevant dissertation examples, you should not use your university database only. Search for libraries and databases on the internet. There are some international databases that contain thousands of sample papers.

Theses that you found using databases can be used for different purposes:

  • Determining your topic.
  • If you’ve come up with a good and interesting topic on your own, it doesn’t eliminate the chance that someone else came up with the same idea earlier. Searching through a database will help you make sure your topic is original.

  • Making an outline.
  • By looking at well-written dissertation examples, you can outline your paper much better. Text structures that were used by other researchers can differ from ordinary outline samples that are demonstrated in most guidelines. This might inspire you to come up with a better idea for how to organize your paper in order to better convey your message.

  • Finding new sources.
  • Examine the bibliography sections of found examples. It’s likely that you’ll find plenty of books and authors that will be useful during your own research.

  • Examining the ideas.
  • Sometimes, by reading a sample paper, you may find many good unanswered research questions that didn’t come to your mind. Instead of coming up with an absolutely new topic, you may continue the study of another researcher.

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