Expert Recommendations On Writing A Dissertation Title

The title of your dissertation is as important as the content you will spend the next few months writing. It gives the reader a clue of what to expect inside the paper. It also ignites curiosity enabling the reader to peruse through the entire document or repels him in such a way that he does not flip an extra page. This calls for tact when choosing a title. What should you consider during the exercise?

  • Relevance- your title should be relevant to your discipline of study and your specific area of interest. It should indicate research limits such that a reader has a rough idea of the area covered even without reading the entire paper.

  • Fresh- avoid words, phrases and titles that have been used for years. These titles are boring and do not arouse curiosity. Your paper will be bypassed regardless of the strength or beauty of the arguments you make. If you are targeting a common area of study, provide a new perspective that makes your work interesting.

  • Specific- by looking at the title, your reader should know what to expect. General titles prevent you from covering issues in a comprehensive manner while strict titles constrain your arguments to a very narrow area. Choose a title that captures your intention and allows you to fully express your ideas.

Choosing a dissertation title can be difficult if you do not know where to get ideas. There are numerous ideas flying around that can be used to create the strongest and most captivating titles. These sources of captivating ideas include:-

  • Media coverage- watch documentaries, read news items, attend conferences and search the internet to learn about the latest concerns in your industry. These platforms highlight pressing concerns in the industry which is valuable fodder for your paper.

  • Research recommendations- journals and books recommend areas that require more attention from academicians. These recommendations will give you ideas on areas to base your paper on. It is from these areas that you will get a strong title for your work.

  • Course outline- tutors, supervisors and departments issue guidelines on areas or topics to be covered in a particular academic session. These topics are indications of the areas of interest in your discipline. Use these areas as a guide when selecting a topic and title for your work.

The choice of a title indicates your intentions and the direction you wish to take in your work. Provide a clear title that arouses curiosity in the reader. It must show what to expect from the paper.

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