Useful Recommendations On Writing An Undergraduate Nursing Dissertation

Earning an undergraduate degree in nursing provides students with a wide variety of subjects to consider when writing an undergraduate dissertation. Choosing a great topic helps students stay focused and interested throughout their research and improves their chances of getting their work approved by advisory committees. Here are some useful recommendations to consider:

  • Discuss some methods for improving the public’s perception of nursing care in both hospital and clinic-based settings. How will improved methods differ from those that are current practice and what is the best way of changing perceptions?

  • What are some of the challenges faced by nurses who re-join the healthcare profession after an extended period of absence? Should nurses be required to attend a refresher or new methods of practice course?

  • Provide a comparison of the changes in public health programs surrounding HIV/AIDS treatment. Consider the 1980s and the 2000s. How has public perception affected the policies created around these illnesses and the way care is provided?

  • Provide an evaluation of the various stress reduction programs for nurses in high patient clinics and/or hospitals. How would these programs improve by adapting or cross training of specific practices? Is stress reduction among nurses as important as other kinds of training?

  • Evaluate how different levels of pain are communicated through non-verbal indicators. What improvements can be made to aid patients with low communication skills? What are some of the biggest challenges faced by health care providers?

  • Discuss the best nursing techniques and practices for treating feet wounds on patients with diabetes. How do medications assist in pre-treatment?

  • Evaluate nursing practices for elderly patients in extreme weather conditions. How do these practices differ from those in areas with fair to normal weather conditions? What are the most important components for evaluation?

  • Discuss the different accepted methods for approaching elderly patients who refuse to eat. How have these practices evolved since the problem was first addressed decades ago? Has there been significant focus on these methods or have they been overlooked?

  • Provide a case study or evaluation of pain management in the treatment of pediatric patients. What are the difficulties present in terms of how young patients communicate discomfort or levels of pain?

  • What are some of the most effective health programs for preventing or managing stress in teenagers? Does the responsibility fall on the shoulders of schools or health care providers?

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