Coming Up With A Unique Title For A Dissertation On Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Many graduates have attempted to come up with dissertations based on Dr. Jekyll’s and Mr. Hyde’s character as explained in the book “Strange Case” by Robert Stevenson. Quite honestly, a close look at two or three documents by different students would show you the similarity and lack of originality that recurs in most of their titles. For a story that seeks to express the presence of good and evil morals among people, there could be quite a number of topics to come up with.

First of all, from the book “Strange case” you would note that there are two main characters, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, both of whom represent the protagonists as well as the antagonists. Both of these characters will antagonize and agree on different issues throughout the book. In addition, the book expresses other characters, different themes and perceptions that could all help you plot a great dissertation titles. However, what would be most appropriate would be to read the whole book twice or thrice and understand it completely.

Once you are through reading the book, write down the different themes in the book as expressed by the characters and as you understand them yourself. For instance, take the example of Jekyll and note down the progression of this character from the beginning to the end. Note his character traits, his key moments, achievements, mistakes; his relationship with his characters and what he generally represents in real life. Also consider that the novel will be just one of the many references and sources of information you will use when preparing the dissertation itself. As such, consider a topic that can help you get a lot of relevant content in your dissertation.

Consider the following topics from the book which you can use to build on your dissertation

  • How is the concept of control exhibited in the case of Jekyll and Hyde?

  • What roles does Lanyon play in the case of Jekyll and Hyde

  • The social and historical contexts on Mr. Hyde and Jekyll and how they affect our daily lives

  • How did Darwin and Freud influence the roles played by Jekyll and Hyde

  • The impact of the setting on Steven’s ‘Strange case’ novel

  • How the city of London is depicted by Steven’s “Strange case” novel

  • How the duality of man is explained in the “Strange Case” novel

  • How does the book ‘Strange Case’ reference people’s intellectual versus irrational personalities

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