List Of Interesting Dissertation Topics About Tourism In Dubai

The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai is the fastest growing and most populous city in the country. Tourism to the city is an important industry and lends itself to a number of dissertation topics across several disciplines. Here is a list of interesting dissertation topics for your consideration:

  1. How has tourism in Dubai been able to surpass both the oil and natural gas industries as a major contributor to the nation’s economy just behind real estate, trade, and financial services?

  2. What has the government in Dubai done to ensure that it maintain cash flow into the emirate from foreign sources through tourism and retail?

  3. Today, the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world, making the emirate the shopping capital in the Middle East. How does this encourage even more tourism?

  4. Discuss the major contributions the city of Dubai has made in terms of its tourism that could work in other places around the world?

  5. What effects has construction and real estate had in promoting more tourism from vacation-goers or patrons looking to purchase property?

  6. How has infrastructure development been key in not only today’s tourism but in Dubai’s ability to secure the Expo 2020 even as a late bid?

  7. Dubai experienced one of the greatest growths in the tourism industry this world has ever known in just a short amount of time. What were the major factors for this success?

  8. Which groups has Dubai’s Tourist Bureau targeted the most and how much success have they had initiating its campaigns?

  9. How have cultural experts succeed in attracting tourists by promoting the city’s history and culture instead of its alluring beaches and malls?

  10. How has architecture and innovative design helped boost tourism from some of the world’s largest corporations and businesses looking to invest in further development?

  11. How would a chance to host the Olympic Games or the World Cup in the future help establish Dubai as one of the most visited destinations in the world?

  12. How has Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing been successful in its goals of increasing tourism through strategic placement of overseas offices?

  13. How do Dubai’s open immigration and tourist policies encourage visitors from all parts of the world rather than specific groups of people?

  14. Tourism and hospitality in the country has taken an aggressive recruitment strategy of the nation’s young entrepreneurs. How has this helped the country’s tourism grow so rapidly?

  15. What challenges does Dubai face in maintaining a high influx of foreign cash in relation to the decreasing numbers of tourists in other parts of the world?

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