Planning Your Dissertation: 20 Easy Topic Solutions

The dissertation is not an easy topic for any student, so many of want to simplify the entire process. This requires some time management, but at least you will get a good result faster than you expected. No matter how much you struggle to write a good dissertation, it will not be possible without a good topic. You have to keep your colleagues and professors interested in what you write, and be sure that you will find enough information about the subject that you chose. If you want an easy, but fun topic, get inspired by this list:

  1. Same sex marriage. There were so many discussions on this topic, that it will be extremely easy for you to gather information for your dissertation.

  2. Should smoking become illegal? Remember to bring valid arguments.

  3. Sugar causes addiction. Discuss about replacements and how damaging it can be on long term.

  4. Fast food consumption. Should children be allowed to eat fast food?

  5. Electric cars. Present some prototype and explain why would this be beneficial for the environment.

  6. Clones. Mention the moral aspects of this in your dissertation.

  7. Home schooling. What are the benefits, disadvantages, consequences of this?

  8. Styles of parenting. Your child will be more successful if you are more severe with him?

  9. Bullying in schools. How can professors prevent it? What should parents do?

  10. The influence of friends over teenagers. Discuss why friends are more influential than parents when we are teenagers.

  11. Color therapy. This new method of therapy is extremely effective in children and people with communication problems.

  12. Sexual harassment. In some countries, it is extremely dangerous to walk alone on the street as a woman.

  13. Police abuse. Be realistic and objective and don’t let your personal feelings influence your dissertation.

  14. Credit cards and internet banking. Many people seem to think that by using credit cards, we allow the government to know our every move. What do you think about this?

  15. Nuclear bombs. Should countries be allowed to have nuclear bombs?

  16. Arabian culture. There are many fascinating elements that you can include in your dissertation. Remember to talk about Arabian food and clothing.

  17. The Arab Spring. Was it planned by the West?

  18. Exploitation of petroleum. Is this damaging for our planet?

  19. Drinking alcohol in public. Explain why this should be prohibited.

  20. Rehabilitation of criminals.

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