Where To Search For Interesting Dissertation Writing Ideas

What is a dissertation? A dissertation is a long essay involving extensive research that has a huge influence on your scientific career. Considering the effort you must put into it and the significance it has for your future, it must be a success. Still, how can it be interesting for readers if it’s not interesting for you? This is why one of the most important things that should be done before you start writing is to come up with an interesting idea.

Where can one find interesting dissertation ideas? Here are several places that you should explore.

  • Libraries on the Internet and offline.
  • Libraries contain more interesting dissertation samples than you can imagine. If you start exploring examples related to the area you want to research, you will come up with numerous papers that date as far back as several decades ago. However, their topics can still be interesting to you at present, especially if the researched areas are not quickly developing ones. One of the main advantages of digital libraries is the fact that they contain PDF files, which are rarely recognized by plagiarism-searching programs. That’s why you can use certain ideas from such projects without much fear of being caught.

  • Unofficial databases.
  • The Internet is full of databases containing dissertations, research papers, and essay samples that can be used for free or for a certain fee. These databases are not related to any colleges or libraries, and are not academic, but you can find a lot of interesting ideas for your own research.

  • Resources that suggest ideas for academic writing.
  • There are websites that exist solely to provide students with interesting ideas for dissertation writing. They offer lists of topics, provide guidance on style and formatting, and give useful recommendations about the actual process of writing. All this can be important, interesting, and useful for you.

  • The Web as it is.
  • If none of the previously mentioned suggestions works, try surfing the Web as it is. Open the first suggested website that is related to the area you are studying and start surfing. Go from one link to another, exploring the subject, and waiting for something catchy and attractive to cross your path. Though it can be a long process that requires time and patience, it can help you discover new sides of the subject and move you towards solid ideas for your dissertation. However, you need to remember that whatever topic you choose, it must have a significant reference base for you to use.

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