Looking For A Dissertation Writer: How To Hire The Best One

Okay, so if you have already taken the decision to hire a dissertation writer then there is no point in attempting to talk you out of it. The purpose of this article is to ensure that you don’t end up getting scammed, or inadvertently end up parting with your hard earned cash only to end up submitting an inferior dissertation. Imagine your fury if you wind up in a situation where you know that you could have done a better job yourself – for free!

There are several points to consider here:

  • First of all, the best isn’t necessarily the cheapest

  • Prices will vary considerably

  • Experience doesn’t always guarantee quality.

So, with that in mind, just how do you hire the best available dissertation writer?

Personal recommendations

Okay, let’s put our cards on the table and be upfront about this. Students have been getting other people to write their dissertations and essays and passing them off as their own since the beginning of time. The student community; your friends; acquaintances are bound to know of some services. Personal recommendations and references are the best possible way to ensure that you are not just hiring any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Ask for references

While some people will be unwilling to put their head above the parapet for obvious reasons and admit to using the services of a ghost writer, some still will, so it should be possible to get references. No-one should take offense at being asked to supply a reference, indeed if they are smart they will view it as a great sales tool.

Ask for a sample of their work

There is a fine line here to be trod between legitimately asking someone to provide a small sample of their work so that you can determine whether they are a suitable fit and exploiting them. A lot of freelance writers are wary about providing samples as they frequently get scammed in the process. So, whatever you do, don’t ask for a WHOLE sample dissertation. That would be unreasonable! However, you would be perfectly justified in asking for a few paragraphs…

Find out about their background

Okay, so I am not suggesting that you run a full police background check here. However, maybe meeting up with them over coffee and having a chat about their past, their employment history etc. is a good idea. You need to ensure that whoever you choose is the best, possible fit for yourself and can replicate your voice.

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