Tips And Tricks For Writing A Dissertation Problem Statement

When you write a dissertation you will have to include the problem statement. It is the first thing that will be present in your paper and will disclose to the reader what the paper is all about. It will explain what problems you have addressed through your work and why does it matter. It will further explain the gravity of the problem and if there is any solution that you have decided on. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you write a better statement.

Helpful suggestions on writing a problem statement:

  • There are quite a few ways to write a statement. The easiest way to write a problem is by addressing the issue without any decorations. This way you do not bore the reader with background details and serve the heart of the matter right at the beginning. It helps to keep the problem statement short and concise.

  • The other approach also works fine. Here you will have to write about the background of the problem. This helps the reader top understand what you are talking about before they can comprehend the issue. If your dissertation is on some complex issue, this is the preferred way of beginning as it will help the reader to get acquainted with the issue first.

  • You should keep it straight and simple. No one likes to read something that requires a lot of concentration from the beginning. You will have to work towards building the reader’s concentration. The beginning should be simple and well versed so that the reader gets your point, the first time he reads it.

  • You may start your problem statement by writing how things should be and then describing the present state of things. This will help you build solidarity with the reader and get his attention.

  • Now once you have raised your issue you will have to come up with a probable solution. Since you are writing a dissertation you will have to make sure you come up with unique ideas. Try and use new recommendations that are effective and yet out of the box. You will also have to highlight why implementing your recommendation is not present at the moment and how that has helped in escalating the issue. The right tone and choice of words will make your statement stand out and help you get good grades.

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